About The Author

As an artist, I go by the name Ras Banamungu, although my birth name is Idi Banamungu. I am a uniquely talented musician who is recognized for my innovative use of laughter and percussion in my music.

My upbringing in Rwanda was heavily steeped in music and drumming, which fueled my fascination with traditional African music from a young age. Through extensive practice and experimentation with different instruments, I developed a deep understanding of rhythm and sound, which became the foundation for my artistic expression.

As I matured as a musician, I began to explore new ways of incorporating laughter into my music, leading to the creation of my signature “Laughter Percussion” style. This approach involved using my voice to generate various laughter sounds, which I then layered over traditional African drumming to produce a distinctive and dynamic sound.

Apart from creating music, I have also established a thriving business that involves teaching others about the art of Laughter Percussion. My workshops and classes have been conducted across the globe, where I share my knowledge and passion for this unique form of music and laughter therapy with others.

Despite the challenges I have encountered throughout my career, I have remained steadfast in my dedication to spreading positivity and unity through my music. My boundary-pushing practices have resonated with audiences worldwide and have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Through my Laughter Percussion Academy, I have continued to inspire individuals from all walks of life, making a profound impact on the music scene. I remain a true inspiration, and I am confident that my innovative approach to music will continue to inspire generations to come.